Applications for financial assistance must be made in writing and submitted to the secretariat, listed under Organization and Contact.
Please include the purpose of your request, a motivation, an estimate of expenditure and costs, and a demo (if available) in your application.

Requirements for scholarships applications
Applications for a scholarship should meet furthermore the following requirements.

(1.1) Each year the board can grant scholarships to students with Fortepiano as main subject.
(1.2) To qualify for a grant, students must have demonstrated themselves in preceding academic years to be highly talented, ambitious and studious.

(2.1) A scholarship tends to reimbursement of (part of) tuition fees.
(2.2) In special cases a scholarship can be granted for the cost of living, if the applicant has demonstrated the necessity for that.

(3.1) Applications for scholarships should be submitted and by the secretary received before 1 July preceding the academic year in order to be dealt with in a special board meeting in July.
(3.2) Applications for scholarships received after 1 July and incomplete applications, brought into conformity with these requirements after 1 July, could be left out of consideration.

(4) Applications for scholarships must contain at least the following information:
(4.1) Name, date of birth, country of origin, home-address and email-address of the applicant.
(4.2) The instrument.
(4.3) Previous musical education, level of intended academic education (bachelor or master), subject of study and the year of study.
(4.4) Study results in the previous year of study, with the addition of examination marks concerned, study progress review etc.
(4.5) Other elsewhere submitted applications for scholarships, awarded or rejected, or the reason why no other applications were submitted.
(4.6) An overview of the financial situation of the applicant, specified on the basis of the expected monthly cost of housing, food, tuition fees, other costs of study etc., and also of other possible resources like parental support, or the reason of lacking in it, grants and side jobs.
(4.7) An application for a scholarship for costs of living should be based on an itemized report of the monthly expenses and income in the last year of study.

(5) In case of a granted scholarship for tuition fees the Adriana Jacoba Fonds will pay the fees due directly to the Royal Conservatoire.

(6.1) Grants of scholarships are limited to the academic year concerned and shall not automatically extended the subsequent academic year.
(6.2) Following applications for a subsequent academic year should comply as well with the preceding requirements and will be assessed in the light of the circumstances and financial possibilities at that time.