Policy plan

In the second half of the last century an internationally acknowledged expertise in Early Music has been developed in the Netherlands (historical performance). This expertise has strongly influenced the structurally different approach to Early Music, based on historical sources.
To preserve this musical heritage the continuity of knowledge and experience acquired at the conservatories, is of vital importance.

It is the objective of the Adriana Jacoba Fonds to provide the necessary private support in order to this end. The foundation pursues this aim by financial assistance to the practice of Early Music and especially to the education of talented young musicians studying historical performance, in particular at the Royal Conservatory, Department of Early Music, in The Hague.

The education is supported particularly by donation of instruments for the purpose of education and by supporting projects subserviant to education.
Scholarships will be from now on restricted to students fortepiano, because the awarding of scholarships has become too much large scale.

Other forms of financial support are:
• contribution towards costs of attending master classes;
• allowances for course or study tour, home and abroad;
• contribution to small inland projects of students, which are of decisive importance for their education and/or the beginning of their career as professional musician;
• contribution to larger projects instrumental in the education of conservatory students.